Mountaineering, climbing and outdoor adventures from an environmentally conscious provider based in North Wales.

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Zero to hero kinda vibe!
The Adventures

Adventures you've dreamed of in beautiful locations...

Let us share the best North Wales has to offer; from stunning sea cliffs, to serene mountain tops, and hidden beaches.

We want you to leave with the fondest and most vivid of memories, pictures to shout about, and a sense of achievement. Think of us as friends, showing you the secret spots, taking you on the coolest adventures, and making the most of your time up here.

We love North Wales, and want to show you why. It’s all here. Beaches, cliffs, coves, waterfalls, lakes, mountains… the list goes on. A lifetime of exploring awaits.

Cliff Camping >

We were the first people in the UK to offer cliff camping as an adventure experience. We’ve been delivering it for four years now, it’s just ace!

Overnight experience or Dinner on the Edge. You choose!

Imagine yourself waking in the morning. You’ve just slept on the beach, the wind was cool over face, the stars bright above. Soft, early morning rays of sun slowly stir you from your slumber. You’re too comfy. You feel relaxed, refreshed, and want that snuggly feel to continue. A steaming mug of coffee appears, now you’re ready to greet the day. Another day of adventures awaits…

Our adventures are about the little things. They’re about being in the moment; stopping, and looking, fully immersing yourself in your surroundings. Drinking in the experience and committing it to the depths of your memory. If adding a beach barbecue would make it the perfect day, that’s what we’ll do. Maybe it’d be an ice cream by the lake, or a beer in the sun… if we can, we’ll make it happen. It’s your precious holiday time after all.

Whether you’re after high octane experiences, or quiet exploration, trust us to take you to the right place.

Proper adventure experiences, just the way you want them.

You’ll be in safe, professional hands, with highly qualified and experienced staff. Your safety is our number one priority.
We’re very proud of the feedback we’ve received from previous clients, and always aspire to the highest levels of service. You can see what they’ve said about us HERE
You can rest assured we’ll make the most of each and every day.

My Wild Adventure >

Think of My Wild Adventure as a kind of mini bucket list, a chance to see lots and try of new adventures. Sleeping under the stars, coasteering, swimming in plunge pools, scaling rocky peaks… turn your dreams to reality.

Get in touch – let’s make it happen. We’ll chat and put together the perfect itinerary for you.

Family Climbing >

Climbing adventures to suit your family’s aspirations and experience. Maybe it’s your first time climbing, and you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about? Or maybe you’re climbers already, and want to learn some skills, or give sea cliff climbing a go? You’ll have fun whatever happens!

North Wales Classic Climbs >

Build your own climbing trip >

Hire an instructor / coach by the day >

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The Adventures