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Fear of falling clinics
Falling clinic

Concentrate on your fear of falling and see big improvements to your climbing.

There’s no magic bullet, we’ve got work to do! We promise you’ll leave enthused about pushing your climbing to the next level.

Over the years we’ve found the greatest obstacle to the progression and enjoyment of people’s climbing is the fear of falling off. This has been true for ourselves, as well as our clients.

This is a safety training course as much as it is a performance progression clinic, the two go hand in hand. Being a rock climber without a good knowledge of falling is not a safe place to be!

Read this for a few ideas to get started tackling your fear of falling

Everyone is treated as an individual and the activities are developed slowly.

Why learn to fall?

The biggest learning opportunities come from failure.

Let’s face it, if you’re wanting to try a tricky climb, the last thing you want to be worrying about is trusting the equipment and belayer. Learning specific techniques and gaining experience will help deal with the fear of falling. Giving you far more mental capacity to focus on the climbing, and enjoy the experience.

A fear of falling is completely normal, without it humankind wouldn’t have got very far! A healthy respect of heights and falling is a something you’ll find in all (sensible) long lived climbers. It’s normally a good thing. However, it’s a bad thing when it inhibits our performance, when we’re actually in a safe position. Have you ever placed a bomber wire, or clipped a bolt, and then failed to climb past it, and risk falling from above it?

What to expect

During the clinic we’ll share ways to learn to assess and rationalise the actual, real risk we expose ourselves to when climbing. We’ll consider how/whether a fear of failure, and fear of falling are holding you back. We will work together to build a toolbox of ideas and techniques to help you address these barriers to achieving your climbing aims.

A relatively small amount of concentrated training will often pay dividends, and result in a step change in the way you climb. We’ve worked with lots of people, all with different hurdles to overcome. We’re not psychologists, but we have been thinking about and implementing techniques to address these challenges with our clients, as well as for ourselves, for a long time. So we can help!

Improving your headgame while climbing will allow you to enjoy the overall climbing process more. It gives your mind space to delight in the movement, to actually take a moment, look around and appreciate the beautiful places that rock climbing takes us. On harder routes where you’re putting in 100% effort, being relaxed about falling with good technique will boost performance. Less disco leg, less unnecessary over gripping and fewer psychological blocks preventing you from enjoying the experience. You’ll perform to a higher level.

Who is the clinic for?

  • Top rope climbers (not yet leading routes)
  • Indoor and outdoor lead climbers
  • Experienced climbers who think that fear of falling off is holding your climbing back

Safety and suffering considerations…

Safety is our number one priority on all the courses we run. Considerations around risk assessment form a large part of the clinic content. Everyone is involved in doing realistic assessments of the risks in a variety of situations. You’ll be under the watchful eye of experienced and understanding instructors throughout.
The ethos of these clinics aims to be supportive, friendly and progressive. Certainly not macho or competitive. We’ll never pressure you into a task, nor will we allow you to take on activities if we don’t think you are ready for them. Period. This is to help keep everyone safe but it’s also important to ensure that your ability develops in tandem with confidence.

What we teach, and how we teach it, will differ for each individual. We strive to put everyone at ease by creating a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. We want everyone to go home feeling they’ve tried new things, pushed themselves to a level they’re comfortable with, and, most importantly, HAD FUN. We’re not here to scare people, or create a stressful situation. It’s about learning to breathe, relax, and make rational decisions. And to then enjoy the challenge we’re presented with.

Course structure…

We’ll kick the first day off at our local indoor climbing wall. The Beacon is an excellent wall for us to use, it has a great mix of heights and angles to work with, close bolts, and a relaxed atmosphere. The routes are fun too!

After introductions and a bit of classroom time we’ll be tying in, and working through a structured, progressive way of thinking about falling, trusting the rope, and your belayer. Dynamic belay techniques, trusting the gear on top rope and only getting on the sharp end if it’s appropriate for you.

The second day will see us heading outside to a sport crag where we can apply the previous day’s learning on the rock. The type of climbing (leading / top roping) you do will vary based on what’s appropriate and safe for your progression. Both days will last for approximately seven hours, heaps of time!

We want to see people progressing and enjoying our great sport. We love it when  people keep in touch after our courses and clinics, we’re here to help in any way we can.

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2. Or the fully flexible option! Fill in a ‘Private booking’ form below to select the exact start date and options to suit. It’ll just be your group with your instructors, so a totally hand crafted experience. From £165 per person.


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