Exhilarating experiences in the most inspiring landscapes in the country. Based in North Wales. Small group sizes. Bespoke service.

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The UK's wildest camping. Unique and unforgettable. Two ways to get the portaledge experience.

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My Wild Adventure

Real wild adventures, sharing new experiences, escaping the rat race, and, simply have fun.

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Mountaineering, climbing and outdoor adventures from an environmentally conscious provider based in North Wales.

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My Wild Adventure

Are you ready for wild adventures, sharing new experiences, escaping the rat race, and, simply having fun?

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do… Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain

Your own bespoke MyWildAdventure from just two days to a full week.

Think of My Wild Adventure as a kind of mini- bucket list, an opportunity to try a mix of new adventures. We’ll showcase the best bits of North Wales, the gems only locals know about; in the mountains, and on the coastline. And throw in great food, and a touch of luxury where possible!

We’ll use our local knowledge to cram in as much adventure as you can handle, amidst stunning scenery. You could end up jumping into a plunge pool, abseiling into a mind-blowing sea zawn, or pulling on big holds 100 feet up a vertical cliff. Real Adventure.

Flexibility is key. This, combined with our staff’s experience, will ensure you’ll be having the biggest, and best adventures possible that day. You can expect a mix of dry, and wet activities. We’ll play to the weather conditions and of course your confidence level.

If it’s raining, that’s perfect for questing up a raging mountain gorge. If it’s dry and sunny, what better than to take on the challenge of a big, atmospheric rock climb? We want to create memorable experiences, the kind where years later, you’ll still be asking, ‘did we really do that?’

A night out under the stars…

It’s not only about adrenaline hunting though. Once the day’s activities have concluded, it’s time to enjoy the evening. We will spend a night somewhere inspiring; we could be wild camping in the mountains, kipping in a bothy, or sleeping under the stars on a beach. If possible a fire will create a great relaxed atmosphere, where the day’s tales of do-and-dare can be recounted! (Toasted marshmallows obligatory).

So, here’s what’s included;

Real adventures and experiences delivered by highly competent and professional staff. Safety is our priority. You will be in safe hands

  • use of all technical equipment
  • we aim to tick ‘The Big 5’: rock climbing, abseiling, wild swimming, an overnight camp, and gorge scrambling/coasteering (whichever is best given the weather)

These are some of the extra things you may get up to…

  • sleeping under the stars
  • hiking in picturesque mountains
  • trying a tyrolean traverse
  • coasteering (exploring in the sea with lots of jumping in!)
  • sea level traversing
  • mountain biking – a great wet weather activity
  • orienteering – navigating with accuracy in the hills and woods
  • scrambling up a huge mountain
  • swimming in a crisp mountain waterfall
  • learning to make a fire and cooking safely on it!

Gaia Adventures staff will create a proposed agenda for the day, after checking the weather forecast and considering conditions. We’ll then chat with you, and take it from there.

What will we definitely do?
Activity wise, you will definitely do ‘The Big 5’. Thereafter,  it’s down to the weather and the group’s aspirations. The GA staff will essentially advise you on what they think would be the most adventurous, and most enjoyable things to do that day.

Do we need previous experience?
No- just a willing and adventurous mind!

Where can we stay?

Check the places to stay page.

How many people will there be?
To ensure and maintain high safety levels, we operate in small teams, with a ratio of one staff member to six participants. We can provide the adventure for up to twelve participants. Any days of the week.

What if the weather’s bad?
Therein lies our secret, there’s no such thing! These challenges have been designed to maximise your time with us, hence the flexibility of the itinerary, skilled staff, and low staff – participant ratios. We CAN make it work whatever the weather, there’s always an adventure to be had.

What if the weather’s bad for the night out?
Similarly, it’s not a problem. We have a range of options for the evening,we’ll choose whichever is most appropriate, and can travel to different venues accordingly.

How fit do I need to be?
An average level of fitness will suffice, though the fitter you are, the more you’ll enjoy it.

Do I need to be able to swim?
The ability to swim 25 metres is very useful. Please contact us, and we can talk it through if you cannot. You’ll be wearing a wetsuit and buoyancy aid whenever you’re in the water, which really help with floating!

Will there be somewhere to leave my bags?

Does Gaia Adventures have insurance?
Yes, GA has insurance. However, it’s recommended to take out your own personal accident and holiday cover.

What will it cost? 

From £200 per day for your group. But it depends on the program we put together with you.  Get in touch for a quote.


Snowdonia and Anglesey North Wales


All technical kit provided


Getting started…


Two days – seven.

How can I get involved?

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