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Family climbing

One or two day adventures to suit your family’s aspirations and experience.

Your course is really about much more than climbing. Spending time together outdoors is a great way of bringing your family together and there is always something to challenge everyone. We can take on a mountain scramble, head for an extreme picnic spot, plunge into mountain streams, or traverse along rocks above the lapping waves!

Here is some reassuring info. for parents on the benefits and relative risks of climbing with young people. From the BMC.

It’s always great to see the 4’6” out climbing the 6’4” and it happens all the time. It might just be time to learn from the confidence of youth!

If you’re a parent looking to be able to take your family rock climbing on your own then we can teach all the necessary safety skills, show you how to set up the ropes so everyone is climbing safely. Or if you just want to have a fun day or two adventuring together then that’s just fine too.

The minimum age depends on the individual. We have had really rewarding days with children as young as 5!

Experience fun rewarding climbs while at the same time equipping parents with the confidence and skills to do your own climbing. If that is what you want! Your qualified and experienced instructor will be there all the way.

A hearty lunch and plenty of hot drinks is often the secret to a successful day. Don’t pack too light on the lunch!


Make life easy by including b&b accommodation in your booking. Family rooms £95 a night. Just let us know and we’ll include it!


If you opt for the two-day adventure you get a much fuller idea of what climbing is all about. There is time to concentrate on good movement on the rock, understanding safety systems and knots for example. We’ll go to be new exciting venue and maybe try something a little trickier!

days number of people total group cost
1 2-5 £250
2 2-5 £400

Just send us an email if you’ve got a bigger group or any questions…



Snowdonia or Anglesey, North Wales


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one or two days

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