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The UK's wildest camping. Unique and unforgettable. 

Two ways to get the portaledge experience. 

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Mountaineering, climbing and outdoor adventures from an environmentally conscious provider based in North Wales.



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cliff camping on the portaledge

Cliff Camping

The big one. Sleeping overnight on a portaledge!

Wild camping at its wildest. Do you have what it takes to sleep high above the sea, suspended in mid air? There's only one way to find out. 

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Stunning, perfectly located accommodation for your extended holiday.. 
Every night on a portaledge is a unique adventure in every sense.

As far as we know, no other company provides such an experience in the UK. Imagine the bragging rights afforded by spending the night high on a vertical cliff face! Original, adventurous and hugely memorable. How many people do you know who have slept on the side of a cliff?  

All ages and abilities are welcome. You just need a good confident sense of adventure. 

No previous climbing experience is needed, though a good head for heights is an advantage!

Sunny afternoon slips into evening and a beautiful sunset. A rich palette of reds and purples contrast with the azure sea lapping below. The sun's vibrancy fades, revealing a black velvet sky studded with stars. An unforgettable experience.

How it works

It is essential for you to know that this is a safe activity. As with rock climbing and abseiling, although it may seem dangerous, it is not. You will be in a controlled environment and always safely attached. 

That said, this is not for the faint hearted. Abseiling down to the ledge and managing the extra stimulus of a swirling sea and swaying ledge present challenges to most. We've found that though initially intimidated, our clients soon 'settle' into the ledge; quickly becoming accustomed to the positions and realising they're safe. 

Before heading to the ledge we will have spent some time rock climbing. This gives you plenty of time to climb some great routes (obviously!), get to know one another, and learn a few useful skills for being on the ledge. By the time it comes to getting down to it, you will have learnt to trust the rope, which is often the greatest challenge. 

We'll head down in time to catch the sunset, which you can enjoy with a hearty hot meal. We don't skimp on good food- it will be hot and tasty. As the evening proceeds, it'll be time for a hot chocolate or small sip of something stronger to warm your cockles.

In the morning you'll wake to the sunrise, a stunning position to see the world come alive. Coffee and bacon baps will help you to leave the sanctuary of your sleeping bag.

A staff member will be present at all times on an accompanying ledge. They will ensure your safety throughout and put you at ease should you be facing any anxieties. We want you to have a positive, amazing experience (which everyone has had so far) and will do whatever we can to achieve this. 

What is a portaledge?

More pictures from ledge adventures

Portaledges are portable ledges, invented to provide climbers with something flat to sleep on when they’re on a multi day, vertical route. 

Imagine a hammock large enough to accommodate a few people, super strength textiles and you’re not far from it. Apart from the fancy cup holders to boot!

They allow comfort and relaxation in places you wouldn’t otherwise expect. 

What about the bathroom? 

This is one of the first questions people ask. Before heading to the cliff for the night there is an opportunity to use the toilet which we strongly recommend. Should you need to go during the night it's not a problem. 

You won't be far from the top of the crag and it's just a case of climbing back up to the make shift toilet. 

It’s really important that we all tread lightly on the amazing places we visit. With this in mind we do not leave any human waste at the wild campsite. 


Our portaledges have waterproof covers, so should the weather turn at all, it's just like being in a tent. All wind and rain is kept out, and you'll feel cosy and comfy in your warm suspended bubble. A warming mug of coffee or hot chocolate will never have tasted so good! Every night on a portaledge is a unique adventure in every sense.

If the heavens really open we do reserve the option of cancelling the camp - in this unfortunate case we will offer an alternative date to suit you or return your fee. 

We run these experiences on Anglesey's coast, which frequently provides much warmer and drier conditions than anywhere else. It is ideally suited. 

Kit list for a night on the ledge.

Aside from warm clothes and a sleeping bag, we will provide everything. Though do remember a camera for those 'selfies'!


Our recommended minimum group size is two. This allows you to share the cost and memories. The maximum number of people we can accomodate is three. This ensures the highest levels of saftey and comfort.  

Number of people Cost per person
1 £450
2 £250
3 £190

A once in a life time experience. How many people do you know who have done anything like this? Come and give it a go!



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LocationCoast or in the mountains!
ExperienceNone required
RatioMax 1:3
Duration1 night
CostFrom £190 pp
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