Exhilarating experiences in the most inspiring landscapes in the country. Based in North Wales. Small group sizes. Bespoke service.

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Cliff Camping

The UK's wildest camping. Unique and unforgettable. Two ways to get the portaledge experience.

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Climb Spain

Sport climbing trips in the South of Spain

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My Wild Adventure

Real wild adventures, sharing new experiences, escaping the rat race, and, simply have fun.

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Mountaineering, climbing and outdoor adventures from an environmentally conscious provider based in North Wales.

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The Charity and our impact

Where can we have a positive impact?

For each of our actions there are only consequences.

James Lovelock

We try to run our business in a responsible, considerate manner.

We do this in a number of ways:

Social thinking – WarmStuff

Sam Farnsworth (co-founder of Gaia) is also a founding member and helps run The Mountian Clothing Charity – WarmStuff. Unused outdoor clothing to local homeless projects.

The gear we use

The majority of our climbing equipment is bought from DMM, whose factory is just one mile away from our base in Llanberis.

Our branded clothing is printed with environmentally friendly inks on carbon neutral organic cotton.

Course and adventure content

We live and work in beautiful outdoor environments. It’s impossible not to talk about and consider the impact climbers and hill goers have and how we can minimise that or even make our presence positive.

In the background

  • Our website is hosted by a carbon positive provider.
  • Corporate events include a locally grown and sourced lunch.
  • We support local business whenever possible.
  • Gaia Adventures are proud signatories of the Environmental Charter.

Why the name Gaia Adventures?

We’ve used the name Gaia Adventures for a few reasons. Gaia is a famous extreme rock climb in the Peak District. It was also the name for the ancient Greek goddess of the earth, which seems fitting with our ethos!

The Gaia Theory was proposed by scientist James Lovelock in the 1970s. The Theory goes the organic and inorganic components of Planet Earth have evolved together as a single living, self-regulating system. People are part of that system, our impact can be negative or positive.  Getting people engaged, positively with the natural world, is a great way of helping us all understand the natural environment better, and more motivated to look after it.  And also we just liked the sound of it!

We know that what we do is both an opportunity and a privilege. An opportunity to make a real positive difference to the way our clients approach challenges of sustainability. And a privilege to do this through the medium of adventure, through hands-on learning in the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes in the UK.

Our specialised corporate events combine adventurous activities with a sustainability theme. They’re designed to be both fun and thought provoking.

When we’re on the hill (with all clients) we love to point out what makes the mountains special, such as a glacial corrie or a rare arctic alpine plant. We also like to show how we can keep them special, simple things like sticking to dedicated footpaths in popular areas and removing any litter we come across all add up.

We believe that responsible travel and tourism can be part of the solution to environmental and other sustainability challenges.