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Bouldering in Wales
Course grades explained

If Carlsberg did rock climbing courses...

Do you want to be a bad-ass rock climber? To be able to go on rad adventures? To laugh in the face of a crux move?!

We thought so.

That’s why we created the Climbing Academy. The sure fire way to unleash the inner rock Jedi and feel the psyche. Join the Academy family.

For first time climbers. For experienced climbers. For all climbers.

  • Develop all of the skills you need to get the most from climbing
  • The only long term development programme in the country
  • Each course, and level, leads into the next
  • Weekend courses – so no time off work needed
  • Modular approach accelerates your progression
  • Personalised coaching and feedback
  • Video analysis
  • Accompanying logbook and online resources

Green Level – find out why climbing is amaaaaazing!

  • Let us introduce you to the best sport!

For novice climbers. Book on here!

Blue Level – nailing the basics from the get go;

  • Discover how to move on rock
  • Learn how to use a rope – tying in and belaying
  • Go climbing – experience the best Snowdonia offers

Aimed at folks who are new to climbing, adventurers who fancy trying it, and also experienced climbers who’d like to refresh their skills. Book on here!

Orange Level – getting slick and smooth;

  • Move gracefully and control your head game
  • Start leading sport climbs
  • Improve your ropework on multipitch adventures

Designed for climbers with some experience who’d like to improve their performance, and take on more challenging climbing. Book on here!

Red Level – gain confidence in your leading;

  • Consolidate your skills
  • Develop your leading
  • Feel independent – know how to get yourself out of trouble

If you’d like to work on your lead climbing skills, gain confidence, and discover how to access new venues, such as sea cliffs, these are the courses for you. Book on here!

Black Level – specialist courses for experienced climbers;

  • Refine your skills and perform
  • Push yourself to new heights
  • Step it up for your next adventure

These courses equip experienced and confident lead climbers with the skills they need to take on new climbing environments, and push their climbing to the limit. Book on here!