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Stay warm winter mountaineering – tips

  1. Have a decent breakfast, and be disciplined – eat and drink throughout the day
  2. Once you’ve done the bulk of your ascent, and things are about to ease off physically, remove your chest base layer – it’s probably wet with sweat. Replace it with a dry layer, and then put your other layers back on. This is amazing!
  3. Use a buff / neck gaiter to keep your neck warm – it’s easy to lose lots of heat here. Warm layers with hoods are great for this.
  4. Keep your wrists warm – be as disciplined as you can, and pull your sleeves down. Once your gloves are on, pull your waterproof’s sleeves over the top of the gloves’ cuffs, and tighten the sleeves.
  5. Wear goggles and pull your hoods up. Aim to have only a tiny proportion of your nose poking out.

Have a brilliant winter! Thanks for reading, Sam and Will.