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Cheap adventure skiing? The answer at last!

Published by inthesnow.com written by Will Nichols.

Can an adventure ski holiday ever be cheap, adventurous and fun?

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? But surely it’s impossible? Cheap destinations generally crawl with visitors and lack spicy terrain, which is banal and unmemorable. Adventure, meanwhile, is at a premium – and that means £££! Chamonix, Jackson Hole, Verbier – all resorts renowned and revered by the advanced skier, but they are also extortionate.

And fun? Well, it is what you make it, but if there’s no après scene, a hotel room is a lonely, dull place to be.

The alternative? Motorhomes – also known as ‘Recreational Vehicles’ or RVs. There, I said it! Vilified by Clarkson (“Surely that works in their favour?” Editor), they are, in fact, the future. The answer to the equation. Here’s why:

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