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5 top tips for a comfy kip!

Camping and bivvying is ace, being comfy is everything!

Here are my top tips;

  1. Invest in a decent inflatable mattress – they’re the bees’ knees! Try a few different ones in a shop, and suss out which is best for you.
  2. Equally important is the right sleeping bag – their warmth is clearly important, but so too is the bag’s shape and fit on your body. Again, try a few at a good shop.
  3. Take a pillow case. You can stuff it with your spare clothes, and it weighs nothing. It feels a lot nicer than a face full of Gore Tex!
  4. Take the time to find the perfect pitch. Lie down first – do you think you’ll roll? Are there any rocks that’ll dig into your back?
  5. Fill a Nalgene bottle with boiling water, screw it tightly, and chuck it by feet – you can’t beat a hot water bottle.

What are your top tips? We’re all ears…!
V12 Outdoor is a great place to look for kit.
Thanks for reading, Sam and Will